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Top Rated Vinyl Windows

Find 6 top rated vinyl windows, all from unique, but well respected manufacturers from around the U.S. Read product analysis and get an installed industry average price.

Please note: this website has no affiliation with the following (or any) window manufacturer. The information provided is an accumulation of installed and industry insider knowledge.

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HiMark Enviro-Star 800 Series

The HiMark Enviro-Star 800 Series is one of the best vinyl windows available (especially with the upgrade to the DX option). It is one of the few vinyl windows that combines a thick frame with good aesthetics, meaning lots of durability and performance. The 800 offers a U-factor close to 0.26 and Air Infiltration close to 0.01. The window offers lots of finish colors and options both inside and outside and some great hardware options as well. HiMark window models are virtually identical to Okna (both owned by Okna Windows), although HiMark uses its own distributors to sell and integrates specialized installers to insure the installation is top quality. The Okna or HiMark 500 series is a step below the 800, but is an excellent window as well.

-- Industry Average Price: $650 fully installed --

Sunrise Restorations Series

The Restorations series from Sunrise is their top of the line vinyl window and comes with tons of great features and options, including an Max Edge spacer, reinforced sash, foam filled extrusion, sash lock feature and really cool screen. It is one of the nicer looking vinyl windows with its thinner frame and its almost wood like appearance. The Restorations offers U-factor close to 0.28 and Air Infiltration close to 0.04.

-- Industry Average Price: $675 fully installed --

Soft-Lite Elements LS Series

The Soft-Lite Elements LS is a very nice vinyl window that has some great standard features (upgrades on the Imperial LS), including an Edgetech spacer, upgraded screen, accidental glass breakage and tilt lock feature. The windows has a very nice bead and cove design and nice workmanship overall. The Elements LS offers a U-factor close to 0.19, Air Infiltration close to 0.02 and DP70 ratings, all excellent numbers.

-- Industry Average Price: $650 fully installed --

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Series

The Craftsman Portrait comes standard with triple weatherstripping, a SuperSpacer and double strength glass. The window can seem a bit bulky, but does offer even sightlines. The Craftsman Portrait offers a U-factor cllose to 0.29 and SHGC close to 0.29. Amerimax windows carry a 20 year warranty for both materials & on labor. Amerimax is based in Colorado and available on the West Coast, unlike the 4 window options above. Amerimax also provides lots of exterior color options, which can add significantly to the price but is also a nice option to have.

-- Industry Average Price: $550 fully installed --

Simonton Impressions 980 Series

The Impressions 9800 is often said to be the fair haired cousin of the Reflections 5500 series. It's a bit better looking than the 5500 and is also a bit more expensive. It comes with an upgraded lift handle and offers a better warranty. The 9800 can be outfitted with several additional upgrades and used as a low cost hurricane or impact window for homeowners in hurricane prone areas.

-- Industry Average Price: $575 fully installed --

Gorell 5300 Series

The 5300 Series from Gorell uses a thicker frame that is durable and tough. The company is now actually owned by Soft-Lite and to the best of our knowledge carries the same warranty as the Soft-Lite products. There are some upgrades that will help even further with the performance and strength of the window, including the reinforced sash and foam fill extrusions. The window offers U-factor close to 0.27 and this number goes down to 0.18 with their top of the line glass package.

-- Industry Average Price: $550 fully installed --

Your Favorite Vinyl Window

My question for you is what are your top three vinyl windows currently on the market? Thanks in advance!

Eleane - Homeowner

Site Editor's Reply

Eleane, I would say my three favorite vinyl windows are the Okna 800 DX, the Soft-Lite Elements, and the Polaris UltraWeld. I really should include the UltraWeld up top because it really is an excellent window and it often comes in at quite a competitive price point. The vinyl window I would love to have in my own house though is the Okna 800 DX with the interior laminate that looks like real wood, but doesn't require any of the maintenance of wood and has performance numbers that are second to none.

Bobby - Site Editor

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