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Window Pricing Calculator

The window pricing calculator we have developed will help you get an accurate quote for your next replacement project. It is completely free of charge to help you budget your windows and the method of installation with ease.

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Explore Different Options

We suggest you try our window pricing calculator and play around with it, try different options and see how the prices are determined and affected. Glass options are not included as we have used a simple calculation that selects the glass package according to the level of product you select. The pricing calculator will never provide one hundred percent accurate costs, but it is close enough to give a true indication on what you can expect to pay for both replacement windows and installation. You can then compare the prices you get using the calculator to our price pages.

1. Style Selection

The style selection option gives our window pricing calculator an initial price to work from.

2. Frame Selection

The calculator adds the frame and style you choose to determine a base price. An example would be a double hung window made from vinyl, the estimate would take $150 (double hung) and $100 for the vinyl, giving a base price that totals $250. Window manufacturers don't price their products this way, but this enables our users to choose from a wide selection and combinations of frames and styles.

3. Select a Manufacturer

Economy, Mid-Range and High-End are the three choices available. The economy option is an entry level price, therefore if you choose economy you will find the price will not change.

When choosing the mid-range pricing option, you will find that the price is multiplied by 1.3. An example would be a mid-range double hung in vinyl would be $375.

When it comes to the high-end choices, you will find the price is multiplied by 1.8. Therefore double hung windows in vinyl would be $687.

4. Installation Grade Selection

Insert installs add $65 per opening, standard installs add $125 per opening, while full frame installs add $225 per opening. These are standard prices charged by many contractors and local window companies.

5. Number of Windows Selector

The pricing calculator will multiply the number of windows you select by the total price for your single window and installation price.

6. Add a Zip Code

By entering your zip code and pushing the "Go" button you will find pricing based on your specific project information.