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Top Rated Replacement Windows

Our list of top rated replacement windows comes from years spent listening to what contractors and installers view as some of the best performers. This task is difficult because all contractors have their favorites and not everyone agrees on who makes the best replacement window. Nonetheless, here is a list of the series and models that come up over and over again. The prices listed are industry averages for a normal sized window with standard installation. Each project is different so your specific job may come in higher or lower than this -- one reason we always recommend getting free window estimates -- to compare brands and contractors side by side for the exact same project.

Top Rated Vinyl Windows

Check out three picks below for top rated vinyl windows. For more selections, check out our best vinyl windows page.

HiMark Enviro-Star 800 Series

The HiMark Enviro-Star 800 Series is one of the best vinyl windows available (especially with the upgrade to the DX option). It is one of the few vinyl windows that combines a thick frame with good aesthetics, meaning lots of durability and performance. The 800 offers a U-factor close to 0.26 and Air Infiltration close to 0.01. The window offers lots of finish colors and options both inside and outside and some great hardware options as well. HiMark window models are virtually identical to Okna (both owned by Okna Windows), although HiMark uses its own distributors to sell and integrates specialized installers to insure the installation is top quality. The Okna or HiMark 500 series is a step below the 800, but is an excellent window as well.

-- Industry Average Price: $650 fully installed --

Sunrise Restorations Series

The Restorations series from Sunrise is their top of the line vinyl window and comes with tons of great features and options, including an Max Edge spacer, reinforced sash, foam filled extrusion, sash lock feature and really cool screen. It is one of the nicer looking vinyl windows with its thinner frame and its almost wood like appearance. The Restorations offers U-factor close to 0.28 and Air Infiltration close to 0.04.

-- Industry Average Price: $675 fully installed --

Soft-Lite Elements LS Series

The Soft-Lite Elements LS is a very nice vinyl window that has some great standard features (upgrades on the Imperial LS), including an Edgetech spacer, upgraded screen, accidental glass breakage and tilt lock feature. The windows has a very nice bead and cove design and nice workmanship overall. The Elements LS offers a U-factor close to 0.19, Air Infiltration close to 0.02 and DP70 ratings, all excellent numbers.

-- Industry Average Price: $650 fully installed --

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Top Rated Fiberglass Windows

Marvin Infinity Series

-- Industry Average Price: $750 fully installed --

Milgard Ultra Series

-- Industry Average Price: $600 fully installed --

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Top Rated Replacement Wood Windows

Marvin Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Series from Marvin is one of the top wood clad windows on the market. It is a good looking window that comes in a variety of wood options, including douglas pine, cherry, fir, mahogany and white oak.

-- Industry Average Price: $900 to $1,100 fully installed --

Loewen Standard Wood Series

Loewen offers two "collections" - the Cyprium and Stormforce that are both very pricey and very high quality. Just below this is their standard wood clad windows that are very nice looking (and quite expensive).

-- Industry Average Price: $1000 fully installed --

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