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Top Rated Wood Windows

Get in depth analysis and window cost information on top rated wood windows from our team of experts. Our site has no ties to any window manufacturer, so you are getting honest opinions from industry experts on their top replacement wood window picks and selections.

Marvin Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Series from Marvin is one of the top wood clad windows on the market. It is a good looking window that comes in a variety of interior wood species, including douglas pine, cherry, fir, mahogany and white oak. The window is also well designed and offers excellent functionality and custom options. The window is not cheap, expect to pay around $900 to $1,100 depending on the upgrades and glass package for a normal sized double hung window with installation.

Marvin has a very good reputation in the industry for quality products and they seem to stand behind their work - always good hallmarks for homeowner peace of mind.The numbers are good for a wood window (but not all that impressive when compared to top vinyl windows for instance) - expect a .31 U-factor and DP50 rating.

-- Industry Average Price: $900 to $1,100 fully installed --


Loewen offers two "collections" - the Cyprium and Stormforce that are both very pricey and very high quality. Just below this is their standard wood clad windows that are very nice looking (and quite expensive). They are available in either a mahogany or a douglas fir and have an aluminum cladding with a Kynar finish on the frame. You can choose from awnings, casements, double hungs, bay, bows, pictures and specialty window styles. The windows come in a standard exterior color options or upgraded architectural color options.

Loewen isn't as well known as an Andersen or Pella Windows, but they make a very nice wood window and have an easy to use website that lets you locate a dealer in your area quickly and without any fuss or muss.

-- Industry Average Price: $1,000 to $1,200 --

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series is a much better designed and functioning window from their "builder grade" 200 series. In addition to the better quality and craftsmanship, the 400 offers more features, sizes, upgrades, frame finishes and colors than the more boiler plate 200 series. The 400 comes in two models, the Woodwright or the Tilt Turn. The Woodwright tends to get the nod over the Tilt Turn because it uses a better sash reinforcement, although it does have less color options. Andersen Windows is probably the best known window manufacturer in the United States and they produce high quality windows for a premium price. Having said that, we are not big fans of their Renewal By Andersen windows (these are franchised business that are separate from Andersen Windows).

-- Industry Average Price: $800 to $1,000 --

Marvin Integrity

The Marvin Integrity is our "low" cost alternative in the field of our top rated wood windows. The Integrity is usually considered a fiberglass window because it has a fiberglass exterior. One option available is to order the Integrity with a real wood interior, as opposed to the all fiberglass frame. This gives you the best of both worlds, a relatively inexpensive wood window with a strong fiberglass exterior. The Integrity tends to be a bit limited in terms of options, colors and upgrades, but is worth a look for anyone who wants quality wood clad windows on a budget.

-- Industry Average Price: $550 to $700 --