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Cost of Window Installation

What is the cost of window installation? The average cost is $125 for double hung, slider or standard sized casements. This price is per opening determined by the condition of the jambs and sills. Prices and descriptions can be seen below for the various installation methods.

Basics Steps For Installation

The first thing any window company will do when they come out to quote your project is to measure each of your window openings. At this time they will also determine the condition of the jambs and sills for damage which may require repairs during the installation. The price they quote will be decided according to the size of your windows - the contractor will write down the measurements and advise you of the brands and manufacturers that they stock (Marvin, Alside, Anderson or Soft-Lite for example). The contractor will then provide you with a written quote for the windows themselves and the installation (always insist on having the bid broken out in product and labor).

Cost of Window Installation - Inserts

Inserts are an affordable option, also known as pocket installation. These come fully assembled and include the frame. The standard price for inserts is between $50 and $90 per opening. They are easy to install, as the existing window is removed and the insert is placed into the sash pocket. To ensure the replacement is square and plumb, it will be shimmed and levelled. The insert are secured into place using screws that come with the windows and fit into the predrilled holes. The perimeter of the window is then sealed using either fiberglass or foam, depending on space and the installer's preferred method. Finally the insert is caulked & sealed.

$50 - $90 - The Price Per Opening

Cost of Window Installation - Standard Windows

When it comes to standard window replacement, the steps mentioned above are involved, as well as work to the stops and jambs, which are then replaced as required. The installation is carried out much the same as the inserts using an expanding foam to seal the unit and reduce the risk of any outside air getting through. The edges are then sealed both inside and outside using caulk. Aluminum capping may be needed in some cases and will be added to the cost of each opening. Depending on the condition of the frames and sills, there are a number of steps that will add or reduce the overall per opening cost. This is one reason why obtaining a number of quotes is the best way to determine exactly what is needed for your specific project.

$100 - $150 - Price Per Opening

Cost of Window Installation - Full Frame

When it comes to full frame replacements, the contractor will need to remove the jambs, sills and stops to get to the rough opening. New sills and jambs will be added and a new construction window will be installed. These new construction windows are different from the insert windows due to the nailing flange or fin they have attached. The fin or flange has a number of points on the head and side which are used to nail the new window in place. The majority of the time a sill will be placed at the bottom, the benefit is that this will drain any water, reducing the risk of future water damage. The contractor will ensure the new window is square and plumb before using low expanding foam to seal the space. The edges are then sealed both inside and out with caulk. The installer will do any necessary work to the exterior trim (such as adding aluminum capping) which adds to th per opening price. The installation of a full frame is an involved procedure, but it also ensures that the replacement window will last a lifetime.

$150 - $250 - Price Per Opening